5 Hero EXP Laner Counter Paquito in Mobile Legends

5 Hero EXP Laner Counter Paquito in Mobile Legends

Mobile Legends is an exciting game with many heroes to choose from. One of the popular heroes is Paquito. He’s strong, but guess what? There are heroes who can counter him, especially in the EXP lane. Let’s check out five heroes who can give Paquito a hard time.

Five Heroes who Can Give Paquito a Hard Time

1. Yu Zhong – The Dragon Fighter

Yu Zhong is a powerful choice against Paquito. Why? He’s got great sustain, which means he can stay in the lane longer. His dragon form is super cool – it lets him fly over walls and surprise enemies. Plus, when Yu Zhong turns into a dragon, he gets extra health, making it hard for Paquito to take him down.

2. Thamuz – The Scorching Tormentor

Thamuz is another great counter to Paquito. He’s a fiery guy with two big scythes. What makes Thamuz special is his ability to heal himself and deal damage at the same time. His ultimate ability makes him faster and stronger, perfect for chasing down Paquito or running away if needed.

3. Khaleed – The Desert Scimitar

Now, let’s talk about Khaleed. He’s like a desert warrior who can control sand! Khaleed is tough because he has a move that lets him spin and hit all enemies around him. Plus, he can ride a wave of sand to escape or attack. Against Paquito, Khaleed’s sand tricks can really help him stay safe and fight back.

4. X.Borg – The Fire-Breathing Robot

X.Borg is a cool robot guy who loves fire. He’s great against Paquito because of his fiery attacks. X.Borg can absorb damage and then release it back in a big explosion. This is really handy when Paquito tries to hit him hard. Also, X.Borg can recover quickly, so he’s always ready to fight.

5. Ruby – The Little Red Hood

Last but not least, let’s talk about Ruby. She might look sweet, but she’s tough. Ruby is great at controlling where her enemies can go. She uses her scythe to pull enemies closer or push them away. This is super useful against Paquito because she can keep him at a distance. Plus, Ruby heals a bit every time she hits an enemy, which helps her stay in the fight longer.

Tips to Win Against Paquito

Now that we know who can counter this hero, here are some quick tips to win against him:

  • Stay Calm: He is strong, but don’t panic. Keep your cool SLOTJARWO and fight smart.
  • Watch His Moves: He has patterns. Learn them and you’ll know when to attack or back off.
  • Ask for Help: Sometimes, it’s good to ask your teammates for help if he is giving you a hard time.


There you have it! Five heroes who can stand up to Paquito in the EXP lane. Remember, every hero has strengths and weaknesses. The key is to play smart, have fun, and work with your team. So, next time you face Paquito, try one of these heroes and show him who’s boss in Mobile Legends!